Our profession: Software Developer

Since 2009, Kalida develops and assesses applications and software according to your needs.

Founded in 2009, Kalida brings together a team of experienced developers dedicated to software development, with the utmost attention to quality control.

Customers as demanding as those in the fields of financial services, banking, manufacturing and information technology call on the innovative capacity of Kalida to develop precise solutions to address the most complex challenges.

When the software on the market is unable to help you, Kalida is there to develop the solution to your problem.


Whether you are in the banking, manufacturing or IT industry, you can trust Kalida when it comes to developing a solution tailored to complex problems or to support innovation.

Do you need help to take the next step for your innovation or to deal with problems that commercial solutions cannot fix? Call on the expertise and ingenuity of the Kalida team. 

When commercial solutions cannot meet the requirements of your project, call upon the expertise and ingenuity of Kalida team.



Here clients who call in Kalida Technologies:

 Desjardins  Cycling sports Group  Bombardier

 GURU    Dorel CRIM   CGI